Monday, March 8, 2010

Thanks so very much, y'all!!

I just want to touch base with everyone - I know it's been a couple of weeks since I posted anything here... I really didn't expect this project that Brian & I are working on to take this long, but it has and I've also been taking the opportunity to do a little "soul searching" as to what I want to be working on, artistically speaking.

I'll be honest; I keep bouncing all over the place... from my digital photography to digital watercolor prints to digi scrapping to web design to animation (which is along the lines of the current project)... unfortunately, I'm a Jill of all trades when it comes to digital art, apparently! (You know the saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none"... yeah, it applies...) It's really frustrating, because I really do enjoy working in all the various mediums that I've been playing around with... yet I know that I really should buckle down and concentrate on just one - or else I'll never be a real success with any of them. (Sigh.)

Don't panic, tho... I have a feeling I'm still edging towards the digi scrap stuff... I might not always be concentrating on the Disney-inspired work, though. Although, I have a feeling anything I do design will always "work" with Disney layouts (I just can't break away from it completely, I'm finding!) ;-)

That's it for today... nothing earth-shattering, I guess, but I don't want everyone worrying, either. (And again, thanks for all the words of encouragement!) :-)

Now, if only spring would truly get here to Indiana... I'd be a whole lot happier! ;-)

Back soon, I promise!



  1. Thanks for stepping in for a bit. I will always check in here for you as long as you are still posting. Good luck with the project.

  2. Galad you are doing ok and having fun on your other projects.

  3. Glad to know that you are ok. It is better to have to many interests than not enough. Being bored is bad!

  4. Thanks for the most wonderful embellishments. I'm going to have lots of fun doing our pictures!!

  5. I like when you make Disney digital

  6. Thank you for the pop century embellishments - you are awesome and do great work!