Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Meaning of Life (or this blog... whichever works)

I decided I wanted to start a blog that deals with my Disney-esque digital scrapbooking design work. At this point in time, what I intend to do is this: I will be posting as often as possible, and with my posts, I will be including at least one "freebie" that anyone may use to scrapbook with - either digitally or traditionally, I don't care. I will also (periodically) post tutorials when I have something I think would be beneficial in sharing (techniques, ideas, you name it, it might just end up on this blog somewhere!)

Soapbox on: (Here's the bad stuff I have to include... whether I really want to or not...) What I do care about is that people don't abuse my generosity. I don't mind giving away my work, but I do mind if anyone starts to sell or redistribute my work in any way, whether claiming it as their own or not. (If you want to share these with others, by all means, please share a link to this blog and they can download to their hearts content.) So don't just start sending the files, please... I intentionally included Adsense on this blog so that, eventually, I can make a little income from this, and the only way that will happen is if people actually see, and perhaps click on, the ads. At this point, I'd rather do this than charge for my designs - the big winner is still you, the scrapbooker!

I've worked hard on these digi kits, and they are protected by copyright... mine, of course. Speaking of copyrighted material, I won't be including any Disney copyrighted items in my work - that's not legal - so you won't find clip art of Mickey or any other Disney characters included here. I hope this doesn't disappoint to many people... I just don't want to go that route here.

What you will find, however, is digital scrapbooking items that have a distinct Disney look to them. If you happen to travel to Walt Disney World or any of the various Disneylands around the globe, you will (eventually, of course!) find a lot of papers and elements here that will allow you to scrap your trip photos... you can also use these on nearly anything else, too... I won't limit you! Cards, crafts, whatever - I'd love to hear from you about everything you've done with my kits or the individual pieces of them! At this point in time, I'd prefer you limit their use to non-profit, non-commercial work... if you really want to use them in a for-profit manner, please contact me. We'll discuss it, and I may allow you to use the piece (or pieces) in that way; but please, contact me first!

(Soapbox off - for now at least!)

I have been digital scrapping in one form or another for 8 years now - since we made our first trip to Walt Disney World in June of 2001, and from the onset, I was basically designing nearly everything myself. My style has changed considerably over that time, as you can imagine!

I hope you enjoy this blog, as well as the items I will be sharing with you, and that I can help you share the magic of Disney and digital scrapbooking! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I just found your blog today...well how cool! We just went to WDW in May for our 25th wedding anniversary...so I have pictures to scrap!

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