Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Working my way backwards...

through the bottlecaps! 8(:-)

One of my favorite embellishments (or set of embellishments, I suppose would be the correct way to describe them) that I created for my "It All Started With a Mouse" kit was this set of Mickey bottlecaps. I'm releasing them in reverse order, for a kind of silly reason, I suppose... when I'm finished uploading the 3 sets of 2 bottlecaps each, they should spell out "Mickey" running down the page! LOL! (Well, at least I hope they will sort of spell it out!)

If it doesn't work out quite that way, please forgive me, okay? ;-)

You can find the download here, of course!

Just an FYI... the bottlecaps are saved in 2 separate PNG files with transparent backgrounds, and there are NO shadows included on the files... I added the shadows on the above sample for this page simply to illustrate the possibilities when adding them to a layout. :-)

Enjoy, and as always...

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible!"