Monday, June 11, 2018

"Our First Disney Cruise Onboard The Dream" Project Life Style 3x4 Title Card

Well, I was right on the money yesterday... didn't post again, due to watching the Tony Awards! I guess it's no surprise that I enjoy theatre, since I'm so passionate about all things Disney! Hopefully, today's Freebie will make up for not posting yesterday?

Here it is! It's sort of along the same line as my previous title card, but with a bit of a twist. I had both concepts in my mind and wasn't originally sure which I'd prefer, so what the heck, I went ahead and designed them both!

Without further ado...

Ta Da! My husband says it reminds him of the Disney ship's horn blaring away, lol! I must say that I do agree with him!

As usual, in order to save the file, click on the image above and it should pop up a version that will let you save it at that point. (If you have any trouble, just email me and we will discuss how I can best send you the file.)

As always you can print this file out onto any type of paper to use in your preferred method of scrapbooking, or you can use the JPG file in a fully digital manner (either load it into a graphics program - like Photoshop - or I actually recommend the official Project Life app; you can now add text to ANY image directly within the app! It's awesome!)

I only ask that you don't redistribute or (especially) resell my images. Feel free to share the link to my blog post, and if you're on Pinterest, you can connect with me here: Sandy MacGowan Pinterest

(You can also use the Pinterest graphic I've included below if you wish to create your own pin back to this page.)

Again, I do hope you are enjoying all of these Freebies! If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

That's all for today - Thanks again and See Ya Real Soon! :)

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