Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The passing of Roy E. Disney

I'll be posting my freebies later today (the upload is going very slowly for some reason) but I just had to voice my sadness at the passing today of Roy E. Disney, the son of Roy O. and nephew of Walt.

I'm so very sad over this news; the only real consolation I feel right now is that this didn't happen while we were down at WDW last week - I don't know if I could handle being there during this time, and I have Roy's family as well as all of the Disney Castmembers around the world in my thoughts and prayers right now... they truly are one huge family, and this news must be next to unbearable for them, as well.

One thing I am very grateful for... nearly six years ago, (through a mutual friend) I sent Roy a "digital watercolor" print I had created of his father's statue (the one where Roy's sitting on the bench with Minnie, normally seen at the base of Main Street, USA...) Well, several weeks later, I received a thank you letter from Roy, and it's among my most prized possessions now. I had a copy of the print and the letter and envelope professionally framed, and the message he wrote has served as an inspiration for me many times during the past five plus years.

I never got to meet him (one of my deep regrets) but I will always feel a connection to him through knowing how much he appreciated my artwork - and I will always appreciate the love he had for both the Disney company and the entire Disney family, Castmembers and actual family alike.

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